• Congratulations to Sister Claudia for winning the The Polk Bros. Leadership Incentive Award!!!!!!It is given through Big Shoulders Foundation and it is an incentive for the good work done leading our schools. I think there were about 15 principals receiving it this year. I.C.S. will receive a $12,000 check. With that money they have to present a plan on how they plan to spend it it. The money is to be spent to continue making improvements in our schools.
    With the money from the award Sister will be purchasing a set of 20 Apple ipads and a cart that could host the 20 I-pads and re-charge them. In addition it is special to transport the i-pads. Once they get them, they will begin training the teachers so they could use those appropriately in the classrooms. Congratulations!!!!

    Thank you, Thank you for your hard work!